A Love Beyond Time


Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. – Henry Van Dyke

Everyday fortune is something we all take for granted at times. The last thing anyone expects is dreams to come along and throw life into a tailspin. For one young woman, who has it all, these dreams will prove to send her on a journey she’s never anticipated. A journey through an unknown world that will offer a chance to learn how love has no bounds of time.

Interviewer: Christy Campbell

Tell us a little bit about Dante Craddock the author.

Dante Craddock, as you may know, is my pen name. I use a pen name instead of my real name for writing romance. I plan to write in multiple genres in the not too distant future and want to keep my work in each genre separate from one another.

A Love Beyond Time is Book One in a series. Give us some background on this first installment?

Ashley Brannock is pretty much your average woman in her mid twenties. She has a good job and is establishing herself in her chosen career as an interior designer. She has a loving boyfriend and two roommates that she is very close to. Everything begins to change the first night she has the dream. The dream slowly drags her down, sucking the life from her. Each and every night it invades her sleep, awakening her with a shock and afterwards she finds that sleep will not come at all. The dream poses many questions to her. Only the answers to those questions can free her from its life sucking grip.

So where did the idea for this series come from when you decided to put pen to paper?

The initial idea came from the song Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss. The song – and especially the music video for it – posed a question in my mind. What if they were given a second chance? From that simple question came the idea that became A Love Beyond Time. That idea eventually grew into the Power of Love Quartet

Do you have a careful plan when plotting your stories or do you just go with the flow?

When I started writing I went with the flow, but after several years of going nowhere with the story I decided to change my approach. When I got back into doing serious writing I changed my approach completely. For the second half of A Love Beyond Time I plotted out each individual chapter. Then went back and wrote a first draft from that. I don’t completely lock myself into these chapter plots. They are a guide to what I write in the first draft and are open to change if the story needs to be changed to make it better.

Today’s genres vary so much in the world of reading. Which genre did you feel best suited your book?

A Love Beyond Time is a Contemporary Romance with a paranormal twist to it.

With many publishing routes available today, which felt the most reliable to you when it came to the many choices?

I initial went the self publishing route, but found I lacked the skills to be a really good self promoter. Self promotion is a must if you want to go it alone. I believe if you are good at that part of the process then self publishing is a good route to take. If you aren’t, then you should try and get published through one of the smaller publishing firms. The big five houses are nearly impossible to get into as a first time author. The smaller houses are more willing to take the chance on your success. Once you establish yourself as an author, your options will grow and you can then reevaluate your choices.

When did you know you truly wanted to give writing a shot?

I caught the writing bug years ago, but it never really got into my blood until the last couple of years. I decided I wanted more out of my life and a career as a writer offered me better opportunities. Financial reasons did factor into that decision, but I found myself truly needing to write out the wild ideas that are dancing through my head.

Is there an upcoming release date for the rest of your Quartet?

I’m presently working on writing the first draft to A Memory of Love, the sequel to A Love Beyond Time and I plan to have it ready for publishing sometime in 2015. I want to publish each of the remaining books over the next couple of years.

Are there any social media sites where readers can learn more about you and your work?


Facebook Author page.

Goodreads Author page.



Where can readers find your book in the market?

A Love Beyond Time can be purchased direct from the publisher as a signed paperback: at http://www.fountainbluepublishing.com/, and also at Barnes & Noble and Amazon in both ebook and paperback.