Hunter’s Moon


When Were-shifter Aren discovers his mate, Sasha, is the Jaguar shifter who got his father killed, and threatened the lives of his twin and alpha, loyalties are called into play. Unfortunately, his heart and his head won’t agree on the matter, and the instinct to protect his mate is too strong. As Sasha unwittingly calls upon him to help her save her sister from a nefarious organization, Aren is forced into close quarters with her, and instinct gives way to something even stronger—love. Too bad Sasha doesn’t have the same inclination to mate for life, and she’s forsworn men. But then again, her heart and head may not get a say in the matter in the end, as the relationship between them deepens amidst a life-or-death struggle against a crazed, juiced-up Green Beret Were-shifter who can shift in broad daylight with vengeance on his mind.

As the second book in the Moon Series, Hunter’s Moon will be welcomed by fans of Ms. Lisa Kessler and Moonlight (the first in the book.) I am one such fan, and after having the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Kessler, I will likely follow her work for years to come because of the heart that shines through in her writing, and in real life it shines in spades.

Interviewer: Joanna Celeste


Q: Your new book, Hunter’s Moon, is out this month. How many books do you see this series running, or are you taking it one book at a time?

A: I have 8 books planned for the Moon Series. Blood Moon will be out in July of 2014. That’s Gareth’s book and readers can have a sneak peek of the first chapter at the end of Hunter’s Moon. I’m hoping we’ll get Harvest Moon out at the end of 2014, but I don’t have a date for that book yet, so we’ll see…  *fingers crossed*

Q: Great! As your second series (after “The Night Series”) what was easier in your writing and publishing process this time around?

A: Hmm…  The two series are incredibly different, so it’s a real shifting of gears for me to write them both. With the Night Series, since they were my first books published the editing process was new and difficult. I did know more of what to expect with the Moon Series so I think I’m a little faster at turning the edits around than I was initially.

Q: Editing does end up being a huge part of the writing process; this explains how you can give us three novels this year so far. Fans will be excited to read your upcoming paranormal romance coming out (Beg Me to Slay)—as your first book in the new Entangled Publishing Covet line, might this evolve into a PI Paranormal romance series?

A: For now, Beg Me to Slay is a standalone, but you never know… I really loved writing Gabe and Tegan, and I could see them solving more cases and saving people in the future… We’ll see what readers have to say! J

Q: I look forward to seeing if it develops, or if there is another series up your sleeve in the future. Your debut novel, Night Walker, won you many awards. (You shared some of your success with us in your post What is the story behind the writing and eventual publication of Night Walker?

A: Night Walker actually came in being after I got a palm reading in New Orleans. After my reading, the psychic led me to the door and then stopped and said, “Are you a writer?” At that point I did write every night, but just for fun. I’d never even contemplated getting published. I replied, “No. I write for fun, but nothing serious.” She smiled and said, “You’re going to be a famous writer someday…” I was stunned! LOL. And by the time I was in the New Orleans airport to fly home, I had written my basic plot outline for Night Walker down on cocktail napkins!

I loved vampires, but I felt like Anne Rice did an awesome job with European vampires. I wanted something from the Americas… Mayans were a perfect fit. I researched like crazy and the Night Series came together.

Q: Awesome! Your tagline “Dark. Passionate. Paranormal.” certainly fits your work—how do you find new aspects in a genre that is essentially saturated? (Perhaps this is the same as asking how people can make so many different types of music from only eight notes, but nevertheless I’m impressed by the worlds you build given the proliferation of paranormal literature.)

A: Good question! With my immortal characters I usually find some unexplained events in history and start building their lives around that, giving paranormal explanations to real history.

I also try to not to write to the market. Instead I try to write the book I really want to read with characters I can relate to. Then I hope they’ll resonate with readers too…

Q: They have resonated with me, for sure. On your blog, you shared a post about your research methods ( How does this quality of research come into play when you blend several genres (like romance, paranormal, and historical fiction) so that it weaves together in a fluid storyline?

Research plays a huge part in all my paranormals. For me as a writer and a reader, if you can weave in lots of real facts and bits of real history it makes the paranormal elements seem more real as well. That suspension of disbelief for the reader gets even smaller until readers are thinking “maybe immortals really do exist”….  Or at least that’s my goal! LOL.

Q: I think of them like parallel universes where these beings are quite possible. As an author of novels and short stories (including Across the Veil), what do you enjoy the most about the different mediums?

A: I love all the different mediums for different reasons. Short stories will always hold a place in my heart, because that was where I started and my first taste of getting published professionally. I think the beauty of a short story is that you can convey it quickly for the reader in one sitting.  And when the story sticks with the reader long after they’ve finished then it’s magic!

Q: Yes! I admire how prolific you are, and how engaged you are with your readers. Your website/blog offers many ways to connect with you (and you share some posts about your adventures in promoting). What do you consider the best kind of marketing to involve, when we as authors tend to become our own brand?

A: The best kind of marketing always the kind you’re most comfortable with. If social media is your thing, then you should be on Facebook and Twitter chatting with your readers. If blogging is your thing, then blog and don’t worry so much about Facebook and Twitter. The bottom line is be authentic and positive. If readers take the time to find you online and interact, you should take the time to acknowledge them and let them know you appreciate their support.

Q: Thank you. You’ve mentioned a passion for music and you are a professional vocalist, performing with the San Diego Opera and other notable venues. What do you love the most about your music?

A: I love the connection between you and the audience. There is an energy between you during a song that’s beyond words. I love to see the music touch people. That’s pure magic!

Q: Overall, it sounds like quite a magical life, even more wonderful for the fact that you’ve earned every bit of it. Since you’ve professed a love for Disneyland, I have to ask: what is your favorite thing about the place Where Dreams Come True?

A: The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland is my favorite, followed closely by Pirates of the Caribbean and all of Fantasyland!

Q: Awesome! Is there anything else you would like to say?

A: Thank you so much for the great questions! And thanks to everyone out there who took a chance on me and read my books. Every email and note from you means the world to me. It’s readers who make this whole publishing journey worthwhile.